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Uncover the Flavor of Fresh Roasted Coffee

Thank you for visiting our website and welcome to the world of fresh roasted coffee!

We, together with our family and friends love coffee. It is exciting to taste the different flavors and nuances from around the world. Please browse our carefully selected choice of coffees that we have available. You can order in whole bean or we can grind it for you if you prefer. Take a look at our blog that has many suggestions to make your cup of coffee taste better. Enjoy!

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If you don’t like your choice of coffee we will replace it with a free 12 ounce bag of your choice.

Kenya Muinami Estate

Roast level: Light-Medium or Dark

Flavor notes:
Orange juice, milk chocolate, cherry

Ethiopia Worka Sakaro Station

Roast level: Light

Flavor notes:
Plum, Cacao Nibs, Sweet Raspberry, Red Wine, Full, Lingering Finish

Condor Decaf

Roast level: Medium

Flavor notes:
Milk Chocolate, Marzipan, Raisin, Raspberry

Papua New Guinea Bunum Wo Peaberry

Roast level: Light-medium

Flavor notes:
Sugarcane, Chocolate Milk, and Red Apple

Carmel, Pineapple-Orange, Candied Almonds

Orange Juice, Milk Chocolate, Cherry

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