French press

Easy to use and very tasty….welcome to the French Press. Many coffee fans have a French Press, but are you using it correctly? Read here how to brew French Press coffee. Pay attention to that grind size!

How to Make Cold Brew

Put 60-70 grams of ground coffee into filter bag and into quart jar (depending on preference). Fill with good water. Leave on counter or in refrigerator for 12-14 hours. Remove filter bag before refrigerating.   Using a pour over basket to filter and strain the cold brew when finished will improve quality. These filters at Amazon […]


One of our favorite ways to brew coffee is the pour-over method. This method of brewing accentuates the intricate flavors of fresh roasted coffee. You will need a coffee scale, timer, gooseneck kettle to heat and pour the water, and a pour-over dripper with filters. Use a medium to coarse grind on the coffee and […]


20 grams in, 40 grams out 25 to 30 seconds brew time, remember that once you have good coffee and water, distribution is probably the most important part dialing in good espresso, grind size can be adjusted to get the right brew time and amount but if channels or edge cracking occurs improper extraction will […]


A great way to make an awesome cup of coffee is to use an Aeropress. The cup ends up clean, mellow, and full of flavor. The Aeropress uses an immersion brew method, but the water and grounds are not in contact with each other for very long. Grind 15-17 grams of coffee to a fine […]

What Kind of Drip Coffee Maker to Use?

The majority of drip coffee makers do not do a great job at making a good cup of coffee. This is because they fail to heat the water to the proper temperature of 200 degrees F. plus or minus 5 degrees (93 C). The SCAA puts out a list of recommended brewers, where they take […]

The Importance of Good Grinder

The purpose of this section is to let you in on all the little things that you don’t normally hear about coffee grinders. I may be a little long winded in some of my explanations but I am trying, in the only way I know how, to cover a lot of content in a way […]