A great way to make an awesome cup of coffee is to use an Aeropress. The cup ends up clean, mellow, and full of flavor. The Aeropress uses an immersion brew method, but the water and grounds are not in contact with each other for very long.

Grind 15-17 grams of coffee to a fine grind. Put filter in cap and screw on and set Aeropress on top of mug. Heat water to 175 degrees F. Hotter water with this recipe will make the coffee bitter. Fill to #2 mark on the side of Aeropress and then stir for 10 seconds. Slowly plunge for thirty seconds until water is pushed out. Add hot water to cup to fill and enjoy!

This is one of my favorite ways of making coffee. There are many different recipes and you can also use the inverted method where you turn the Aeropress upside down. This works well with a little coarser grind.

For more information see or do an online search of aeropress recipes.