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we roast coffee on Mondays
and all orders recieved by Monday 5:00 pm
will ship by Wednesday.

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Handmade Jackrabbit Mug

Guatemala Lote Magnolia

Roast level: Light

Flavor notes:
Cocoa Powder, Red Berries, Orange Caramel Sweetness, Medium Body

Cold Brew

Roast level: Medium

Flavor notes:
Berry, Lemon, Chocolate

Kenya AA Plus

Roast level: Light-Medium or Dark

Flavor notes:
Grapefruit, Orange, Blackberry, Raspberry, Honey, Smooth , Juicy, and Syrupy

“Midnight Hare” Dark Blend

Roast level: Dark

Flavor notes:
Dark Chocolate, Walnut, Raisin and Graham Cracker

Peru Capili

Roast level: Medium or Dark

Flavor notes:
Dark Chocolate, Raisin, Walnut, Brown Sugar

Single Jackrabbit Kups Coffee 18 Count

Roast level: Medium

Jackrabbit “Around The World” Drip Blend

Roast level: Medium

Flavor notes:
Carmel, Pineapple-Orange, Candied Almonds