Cold Brew

Flavor notes:
Berry, Lemon, Chocolate

Roast level: Light-Medium

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Ahh! Iced coffee on a hot afternoon (or anytime) hits the spot. It may seem like cold brew has only recently taken over the world, but its origins are deeply rooted in coffee’s broader history.  In the early 1600s the Dutch were brewing a cold brew coffee and taking it on their ships.   Cold coffee became very popular in France in the 1840’s, but never really caught on here in the United States.   Now with the advent of 3rd wave and specialty coffee cold brew and iced coffee have became very popular.    This blend is from Ethiopia, Kenya, and Guatemala.   Take a look at our blog for a cold brew recipe and how to make an iced pour-over.

Flavor notes: Berry, Lemon, Chocolate
Roast level: LightMedium

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