Flavor Notes

We get asked from time to time about the flavor notes on our bags and website. Some coffee drinkers understand that these “flavor notes” mean that the coffee is flavored. That is not the case. When you read “earthy”, “fruity”, “nutty”, or even specific fruit flavors, that is referring to natural flavors in the coffee. High quality and specialty coffee has inherent natural flavors. These flavors depend on where the coffee is grown, the altitude, the processing, the variety, and how it is roasted. Coffee has over 850 aromatic and natural flavor compounds. Sometimes these flavors are very distinct (Ethiopia coffee often has a fruity note), but often they are more subtle. Look at the flavor wheel here in this photo or print one off the internet. Then brew two of our coffees and taste them side by side and see if you can pick out any of these notes. I often taste peanut butter in the Brazil coffee and a hint of graham cracker in Peru. It does take practice however! Have a little fun with Jackrabbit Coffee!